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community counseling & resource center


We are a community focused Mental Health Organization offering Mental Health Services, Trauma, Addiction; Anxiety; Depression; Spiritual Issues and much more. We specialize in IGNITING Hope and Empowering Lives...

hope is


IGNITE Community Counseling & Resource Center provides professional counseling/psychotherapy, consultation and education services utilizing an integrated approach to care for the whole person – Body, Mind, Spirit, and Community. We offer services for children, adolescents, and adults. IGNITE can help address personal issues such as mental health and substance abuse issues by utilizing different approaches and modalities. Our approach to therapy is, solution focused, holistic, client centered, supportive and insight oriented. We can help by making a positive change in your life. We are here to assist you with achieving positive outcomes whether it be in your personal, family, or professional life.


Substance Abuse

Grief & Trauma


Ignite Logo Transparent@1,25x.png

Thank you for reaching out. THERE IS HOPE!!!             

Please give Ignite 24 hours.  For Emergencies please call 911                                                                                                 

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Intimacy & Romance

Eating Disorders


Anger Management

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Parenting & Domestic Counseling

Alcohol & Substance Abuse

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Mental Health & Mood Disorders

Doubles Match

Adult & Individual Therapy

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